The experience of using Hair Megaspray

Your story share with us in Kleio the city of Livadia (Greece). The girl talked about how using the spray Hair Megaspray he was able to win back the beauty and health of your hair.

From childhood I was smart шевелюра. Hair was below the loins, the circumference over the 10 see, the holidays always I did curls – everything ecstatic were. Soap on the head of the most simple shampoo pro mask and moisturizer at all did not know, сушила with a hairdryer, hot mode, and everything was great.

The beginning is my consternation

Over time, the hair structure has changed, the result of this is that they got loose, dull and dry. I a global value, it is was, was just a more frequent collection of the tail and cut half the length, because due to the broken tip curls seemed to put it mildly, not very. Over time the hair have not changed anything, to fall off, but just to pour almost the entire direction of the head. 8 months I have realised that this is not a seasonal problem, and I already have a decent bare spots has become виднеться is not the only place where пробор, but also the forehead and ears behind. At home I went to платке, since the hair was all the way around. I am interested in leaving.

That I only the hair is done. Beginning folk (the mask is based on the onion, egg and bread), then switched to ecommerce opportunities (перечная mask, shampoo without sulfates, air conditioning, etc.), заказывала different oils, professional, mask, art, crystals – all this is not a single instance, as were the thoughts that specifically this product just does not match, but there is also another company and the other in the vial definitely makes a miracle and my hair to become the former. Periods was coming desperation, and sometimes I new force приступала treatment residues from your hair. Покупала all of the shelves and a bunch of just заказывала from abroad through the internet.

So run in the times 2 years, a lot of money and nerves during this period I have spent, just to even recall do not would like to. Reached the point, that came to the photo of the shadow of the bare spots using Photoshop. The girlfriend already has one vote multiplied by the reported, that I need to see a doctor, and almost by force dragged me to the specialist. After examination the doctor said that the problem is not his specialty, that thought I caused in the endocrine system, so he sent me the changes of hormones. I was sure that here I will be all right, because apart from the hair and practically nothing can not be bothered (may have had some fatigue and a headache, but this I bound together with перенапряжением at work).

Overall, my analysis of the results, and nothing good of them proved not to be. Endocrinologist put the diagnosis of hypothyroidism, the appointment of hormonal treatment hormone replacement therapy and says that all is happening as the only standardised level of thyroid hormones. After a 3-month course of tablets, no changes have taken place. Then I'm the offspring to be a doctor and new to me suggested to perform more analysis of iron, iodine and selenium. It turns out that I lack all of these nutrients. In general, I saw the pills, to make up the deficiency, and the hair is like a выпадали, so continued to fall and shatter, and their appearance even the tail was horrible.

If you find the spray Hair Megaspraythat saved my hair

Month I have again deposited the analysis – all indicators were in norm, all the medications have me cancelled and suggested to wait, the mole, the hair itself will be restored. But wait I did not intend to, yes, and ever was already expected, because I was afraid one morning to wake up bald. I start a poll in the forum, where there was a lot of girls a similar problem, and one of the participating recommended me to try the spray Hair Megaspray. Said, that to him it very much helped when, after the birth of the child also strongly changed the hair to fall out. Well, I lose nothing, so I decided to try.

"That it was good luck расчесываться and do not see the hair pieces of brush. When cleaning no longer have had several times проходиться a damp cloth over the carpet to collect the first of all the hair, and then already with a vacuum cleaner. In the bathroom there was no more clogged pipes, home was able to go with her hair. Generally, the curls fall out anymore.

Then I began to worry that the bare spots and left, and the new hairs do not grow in these places. So I already have before shopping around procedure, if the scalp make the injections, in order to awaken the dormant bulbs. But fortunately, I do not take advantage of. Already a month of use, it was clear that the hair grows, and even very quickly. Измерила growth – about 2.5 cm per month, which is even very good. In general, since then has passed year, шевелюра fully restored, but the most important thing is not only volume, but also for yourself the quality of dropouts have become the same. Now, of course, I do their hair on the shore, cheap шампунями is not my, pro irrigation and food do not forget. But I remember that saved me just spray Hair Megaspray.

The experience of using Hair Megaspray

I know that very many girls suffer from such problems, so I decided to write my own story. Of course, a visit to the doctor worthwhile, so as the hair is most frequently related to problems of internal nature, but as you can see, even after the removal of the hair itself do not recover, they need help. Hair Megaspray great must be the effect of so hair, so and speeds up the growth. Recommend to all!