Treatment hair mask — fast recovery

Fashion is a figure that is constantly changing, whining and provide your specific requirements. Of course, the trend is good, but what has remained the same, so that it is attractive curls, which differ in brilliance, natural beauty, ?, thickness.

Beautiful hair – it's not always a gift of nature. The correct and thoughtful to little more caring about the curls in even the most weakened hair can you buy natural attractiveness, luster and health.

the rapid recovery of the hair

After various diseases, stress or even hot the summer season curls become too dull, brittle, and quite lifeless. Ago them the unrivaled beautiful and globally to improve the help of natural masks hair loss treatment. Wise to choose a recipe for one or the other remedies you can, if you know the actual problem. Showing diligence and patience it is possible to return the hair not only strength, but also the natural shine.

Tools for active growth of hair

To significantly accelerate the continuous growth of loki in order to achieve the help of the most simple treatments-hair masks. Take a few egg yolks and transfer your hair, gently rubbing them to the scalp. Curls should be carefully wrap to keep the total maximum heat and after half an hour wash off the cleanser with warm water.

Still one egg mask fits perfectly in the more hair growth:

  • one of the separated egg yolk;
  • two tablespoons of any good cognac;
  • two tablespoons of normal unrefined oil (vegetable).

All of the ingredients needed to a maximum of carefully mix and put on hair. Home tool washed for 30 minutes in lukewarm water, that the egg yolk is starting to use.

Popular recipes for masks that promote hair growth:

  • There can of course continue without special attention and mask the normal mustard. Need to teaspoon of dry purchase price of the mustard, the warm boiled water, a teaspoon of ordinary vegetable oil and sugar, as well as egg yolk. Such a composition is the best depth to wear slightly damp curls, wrap them in a towel and out in 15 minutes, simply wash with water and sized to your hair type shampoo.
  • Honey-onion visor not only greatly speeds up the natural hair growth, but a healthier them. Onion juice and fresh honey is the same as the proportion of mix, damage literally half an hour at loki to achieve. Then simply wash the hair with normal water.
  • Mask hair loss treatment normal gelatin is very good for catering to the bulbs. A teaspoon of gelatine to soak in warm boiled water, up to swelling. Derived from the consistency to add to your normal shampoo. Just wax the hair in this mixture and rinse with warm water within a few minutes.

After the use of any of the listed masks-month period it is best to take a break, that healthy hair is used and can actively grow. If it is necessary, can be repeated course of treatment through home cosmetics, natural products.

Clay mask for hair restoration

Separate attention deserve the mask to treat the hair, adding to the clay:

  1. Dry hair loki to achieve should be to choose the pink clay, fatty – white only, and if the dandruff is completely green. That after the use of such clay mask hair should not be too dry or who are difficult, it is worth to enjoy the delightful air-conditioner or the same as the balm factor.
  2. Simple and quite affordable choice for spa mask hair is carefully mix purchased from the clay of high quality herbal tea. Out the resulting consistency should resemble a normal liquid slurry. Rinse such home cosmetics recommended through about 30 minutes.

The composition of the funds must be only freshly prepared, as the validity of it may be reduced to the minimum. Use of high-quality mask, the composition of which in the present clay, to be the only method: wear warm long wrap, rinsing with running water and adding shampoo or without it.

Castor oil helps to restore curls.

how to restore
  • Carefully whisk the egg yolk together with one normal spoon of castor oil. Wear on the composition of the curls and 3 hours rinse. Mask can help treat from unpleasant dandruff.
  • Literally an hour before the scheduled need washing warm mix the icing sugar and flavoured with olive oil, add a egg yolk and RUB gently on the scalp.
  • Treatment mask hair, often contains in its composition burdock oil. Enough to take one spoon of this ingredient, one egg yolk, a bit of honey and a spoonful of brandy. Components of the mixture and apply gently the length of loki to achieve. Mask keep under a towel for several hours. After the use of cosmetic means rinse the hair with normal shampoo.

Mask a small addition of oils operate effectively not only itself to the hair but also the scalp. With their help, you will be able to create blood circulation, that supplies the hair bulb, the necessary substances. Curls become more active to grow, acquire a natural shine and attractiveness.

Can also be used other scented oil to restore damaged hair, but this is the best start to consult with professionals to raise awareness of what problems are actually inherent in your hair at the moment.

Show hair natural shine

The most commonly of the highest quality and reliable masks in an attractive luster loki in order to achieve the boiled eggs, coffee, mayonnaise, fresh aloe vera juice, beet or carrot juice:

  1. Boil a little coffee – a couple of tablespoons. Warm broth ready to distributed evenly the entire length of a bit damp, but the already washed hair. It is worth noting that such a balancing tool is only suitable for owners of dark hair, because the blond easily can become dark already after a single tool use. The Mask should be kept not more than half an hour and after rinsing with water, the selected type of hair shampoo.
  2. Fresh juice is useful in every sense aloe rubbed with massage into the scalp. Curls need to wrap a towel and leave full of peace and warm for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. It is recommended to use this homemade cosmetic product is no longer several times within one week.